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Business Interviews With Dominick Tavella

Dominick has become a frequent contributor on Fox Business & Fox News sharing his experience within the financial services industry. He made his debut on February 28, 2008 “Dipping into your 401(k)” with anchors David Asman and Liz Claman. He was invited to return with them on March 6th in their segment entitled “401(k) Debit Cards,” on March 21st with “401(k) Strategies,” on April 23rd with “I-Bonds: A Safe, High-Yield Investment?” and “Spending Your Rebate Wisely” on April 29th. His most recent appearances were September 2nd and 15th in segments entitled “Lesson to Learn for Lehman Employees” and “Protecting Your Retirement Funds”

He was also featured on Fox News offering his financial insight on a segment entitled “Borrowing Against Your Future.”

Please click on the links below to view the videos in their entirety:


11.25.08 How To Spend Wisely06.10.08 Market Survial Guide
11.17.08 Recession Ready Portfolio06.03.08 Borrowing Against Your Future
10.20.08 Is Bank of America Getting Too Big?04.29.08 Spending Your Rebate Wisely
10.15.08 Stop the Insanity04.23.08 I-Bond: A Safe, High-Yield Investment?
09.15.08 Protecting Your Retirement Funds04.01.08 How to Survive Today’s Volatile Financial Markets
09.12.08 Lesson to Learn For Lehman Employees03.21.08 401(k) Strategies
08.11.08 Protecting Yourself From Credit Card Fraud03.06.08 401(k) Debit Card
07.14.08 Having Faith In Banks02.28.08 Dipping Into a 401(k)